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Sliding Fee Discount Rate

Mascoma Community Health Center is dedicated to serving all members of the community regardless of income or insurance status. The Health Center will accept most traditional insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare. For people without insurance or insurance with a large deductible and who have limited resources, Mascoma Community Health Center has a fee for service that is discounted based on family size and income – known as a Sliding Fee Discount Rate. Below is the chart for the Sliding Fee Discount Rate.

To use the chart, look in the left column to find size of your family. Once you have the correct size, look across that row to it to see if your family income is in one of the ranges to the right of the family size. If your income is greater than the far right number, you do not qualify for a discount.

Once you have found your income in the row that has your family size, look up the column to see what the discount will be.

We apologize, but the sliding fee scale is currently being updated. Please check back soon.
If you need help right away, please call us at 603-523-4343. Thank you.

Confused? Call the Health Center at 523-4343 to speak with one of our staff, and we will help you determine whether you are eligible for reduced fees. It is also possible that you are eligible for federal or state insurance coverage.

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