Mascoma Community Health Center


Family Planning Services

Services available to all ages and any gender.

covered entrance to health center


  • Birth Control Counseling and Education

  • Reproductive Health Exams

  • Screenings such as PAP tests

  • Family Planning and Fertility education and Counseling

  • Lactation Consultant to train new moms

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Testing & Treatment

  • All Forms of Contraception including IUD’s, Implants, Injections, Pills, Condoms and Natural Family Planning


Carrie Webber
Maria Nunez Stiglech, PA-C
Donna Ransmeier
Donna Ransmeier
MS Clinical Director
Cindy Loring
Cindy Loring, MSN, RN Family Practice Nurse Educator
Ben GardnerBen Gardner, MD

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Financial Assistance For Those in Need

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