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Great News!

*We are now over 2,400 registered patients! Our next goal is to reach 3,500 patients by October 2019 and Additional providers! THANK YOU!

*Welcome! New Dental Provider: Dr. Katie Takach

* Now Available! Family Planning Services!!!
Click here to learn more!

Thank You!!

Byrne Foundation LogoThe Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation has made significant donations throughout the development of Mascoma Community Health Center. At its inception and incorporation, Dorothy Byrne made the first large donation that allowed us to complete financial planning, engineering and design of the Health Center. She also contributed so that we had sufficient operating capital to start construction. Most recently, she provided a $200,000 grant to fund our expansion campaign that started in September. THANK YOU!

This is 40% of the total we will need between October 2018 and October 2019 for the expansion. The goal of this funding is to increase both our medical and dental staff by three to accommodate the next 1,000 patients. At our current growth rate, we will fill this new capacity by October 2019. We have now reached our maximum capacity in dental and are nearly at maximum capacity in medical. We are still growing. We need the providers now, and then, as we continue to add new patients, we will soon fill the expanded capacity. Our growth rate is 100 new patients a month.

We are ever so greatly for the Foundation’s recognition of the community need, faith in our efforts and support so that we can grow and serve more patients. We now have more than 2,300 patients (about 22% of the Mascoma Valley) and hope to reach 3,500 patients within the next year. With the recent gift of the Byrne Foundation, we are asking all of our friends and neighbors for their own contributions to help make the center's expansion possible.

If you would like to learn more about giving to Mascoma Community Health Center, Please Click Here.

First Anniversary Open House Party!

August 5, 2018
Thank You to everyone who came out to help us celebrate!

crowd band playing
Dr. Stiglich crowd

Mascoma Community Health Center

Comprehensive and integrated medical, dental and behavioral health care! Mascoma Community Healthcare offers quality, stability, access, and affordability for all.

community members at open house

Corner of US Route 4 and Roberts Road;
5 miles east of Enfield and 2 miles west of Canaan

finished building

Mascoma Community Health Center


A community owned and operated, non-profit health center that meets health and dental needs.

Where?examining room

Corner of Route 4 and Roberts Road in Canaan


°Affordable Costs

°Comprehensive Care – Health, Dental, Labs, and Education.

°Local Control – Local accountability by Local Board of Directors

°Easy Access – Route 4, but not high traffic

°In-Depth Care – More time with staff and more coordination

°Open to anyone – Families, Young, Old, Insured, Un-insured

How do you know it will save money and offer quality?

There are more than 10 community health centers operating in New Hampshire now that save 50% of the cost of primary care and offer high quality, comprehensive care. We are modeling our clinic after their success.

Can I use my insurance?

Yes. The health center will take most major policies.

Can I get insurance?

Yes. Our staff will help you to explore insurance options.

The Nature of Good Health Care

exam roomMascoma Community Health Center offers several general practitioners who are teamed together to give every patient more depth in their care and coverage. The health care providers work as a team with other services of the clinic like lab services.

dental exam roomMedical care includes pediatrics, family practice and women’s health services

Medical care also includes a dentist and dental hygienists.

Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Hospice, Home Visits, Behavioral Health, and minor X-Ray services should be available soon.

Medical care is coordinated with hospitals, specialists, local schools, daycares, senior programs, government programs, Veterans Administration, public housing and community assistance programs.

Assistance in getting insurance and maintaining insurance that is affordable is provided.

Access to Good Health Care

dental x-ray machineGood health care is local. It serves the entire community and entire families. Care is a matter of choice. There are no requirements for use.

Appointments are readily available and happen in a timely manner. Evening appointments are available. Appointments will allow enough time with the professionals to truly understand and manage health problems.

All patients will have access to local hospitals and specialists as needed.

Mascoma Community Health Center Offers:

  • Primary Medical Care for all ages

  • Family Practice

  • Family Planning

  • Pediatrics

  • Sports Medicine

  • Minor Orthopedics

  • Geriatric Care

  • Infants and Children

  • Women's Health Care

  • General Gynecology

  • Minor Skin Procedures - Stitches, etc.

  • Dental Care

  • Behavioral/Mental Health Care*

  • Physical Therapy*

  • X-ray*

  • Preventive Health/ Screenings

  • Care Coordination

  • Nutrition Services*

  • Pharmacy*

  • Health Education and Community Outreach

*Coming Soon!! Please note that not all of our services will be available upon opening. Some, such as our X-ray and Physical Therapy units, will be added as patients and funding allows.

Quality Control of Good Health Care

Good Health Care has built in quality control. We try hard to assure:

  • an organized health team that integrates patient, doctor, nurse practitioner, lab services, rehab, social services, mental health counseling, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and dental care

  • close communication between the patient, the providers and between providers

  • that the team coordinates external services

  • full communication with the patient regarding plans, procedures, results and revisions

  • that the patient shares in the decision making with understanding, cooperation and agreement

  • that there is sufficient time available for the communication and coordination

  • independent quality control to review records and patient history to assure that the goals for communication, understanding, decision sharing and coordination with external services is achieved

  • integration of team health care around a patient that include the doctor, lab services, rehab, social services, mental health counseling, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and dental care

patient intake equimpmentFinancing Good Health Care

Care that is affordable assures that the cost of professionals, drugs, tests, procedures and rehab are as reasonable as possible and fair for all.

Affordability means we should work for cooperation between community health centers in developing community insurance policies.

Efficient care requires the reduction of waste and duplication of service and offers service in the lowest cost environment (not an emergency room).

The goal is to cut primary care costs and drug costs to reduce and stabilize insurance premiums to keep insurance affordable.

Affordable care includes a sliding scale payment system for those who can't afford insurance or full payment for service based on what they can afford.

Click here to read about the sliding scale discount system.

Accountability in Good Health Care

This clinic is controlled by the users in the community, not by a hospital or the State or federal government or a town government. It is funded by the users with a shared sense of responsibility and shared expense but with generally much lower expense.

waiting room patient days crowd


◆ Board of Directors

◆ Clinic Management

  • Clinical Director
  • Medical Director
  • Dental Director

◆ Providers

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Physicians' Assistants
  • Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist

◆Clinical Staff

  • Nurses
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Dental Assistants
  • Care Coordinators

◆Administrative Staff

  • Patient servicesRepresentatives
  • Billing/Coding staff
  • Medical Records staff

Click here for a Staff Directory

Clinical Director

Donna RansmeierDonna Ransmeier was the first to join the Health Center team. She will serve as Clinical Director for the Health Center and manage everything except for the medical and dental providers who will answer to a Medical Director and Dental Director respectively. Donna recently was employed as Director of Healthcare Information Systems and Quality/Blueprint Project Manager at Little Rivers Healthcare in Bradford, Vermont. Prior to that she worked with Vermont Information Technology Leaders as an eHealth Specialist/Electronic Health Record Implementation Specialist working with the community health centers in Vermont. She has had seven years of experience as the Clinical Care Coordinator for the Concord, Vermont Health Center and Danville, Vermont Health Center where she also served as Behavioral Health Provider/Psychologist. Prior to working in community health centers, she served both Coos and Grafton County Attorneys as the Director of their Victim-Witness Programs over a 13 year period. Donna has a Masters in Clinical Counseling Psychology.

Medical Providers

Dr. Benjamin Gardner from Enfield, is the medical director. He will focus on pediatrics, sports medicine, and family care. Maria Nunez Stiglich, Physician's Assistant, will focus on family care. Cindy Loring, Perinatal Specialist, will provide additional Family Planning Care.

Dr. Ben Gardner

Ben GardnerDr. Ben Gardner has been a doctor since 1996. He will provide family medical care, pediatrics, sports medicine, and minor orthopedics. Most recently, he has served as a physician with Dartmouth College Student Health Services, and Assistant Medical Director at Phillips Exeter Academy. Previously, he served for 16 years as the Medical Director at Choate Rosemary Hall, supervising 19 medical staff serving 850 students and 32 athletic teams. He also served as an Assistant Professor and Clinical Instructor at Yale University. Ben received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University and his medical degree from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. Active in sports he continues to coach lacrosse and hockey to Upper Valley youths. Ben now lives in Enfield but has been a long term resident of the area.

Maria Nunez Stiglich, PA-C

Maria Nunez StiglichMaria Nunez Stiglich, PA-C has practiced in general medicine for over 7 years. She is a nationally board certified Physician Assistant who completed her Masters in Physician Assistant Studies at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire and her Bachelor in Doctor of Medicine at INTEC in the Dominican Republic. Maria and her husband have lived in the Upper Valley area for the past 10 years and are currently residing in Enfield, NH. Maria is bilingual (English and Spanish). She enjoys travel and spending time with her family and dog.

Cindy Loring; MS Nursing, Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist

Cindy LoringCindy Loring is a graduate of Boston College School of Nursing, and has a Masters of Science in Nursing and Perinatal CNS. She lives in Enfield, NH. Prior to coming to Mascoma Community Health Center, she was affiliated with the Alice Peck Day Birthing Center and worked as a Clinical Nurse Educator for Brigham and Women's Hospital. Cindy aslo served as part of the nursing faculty at Colby Sawyer College, focusing on Obstetrics and Pediatrics.

Dental Providers

2019 dental team

Katie TakachDr. Katie Takach, DMD, MPH

Dr. Takach graduated from the Arizona School of Oral Health and Dentistry with a dual DMD and MPH degree. While in Arizona, she implemented an oral health education series and an oral health needs assessment for women inmates. She has worked in pediatric mobile clinics and nursing homes to improve patient access to dental care. Her professional interests include striving to increase interprofessional collaboration of care, helping patients overcome barriers to access to dental care, and providing dental care in alternative settings. Dr. Takach is originally from Maine and looks forward to practicing in New England.

Jeanne-Marie BolducJeanne-Marie Bolduc, Hygienist

Jeanne-Marie has over 35 years of experience in the dental field. She attended Western Wisconsin Technical Institute in La Crosse, WI and became a Certified Dental Assistant in 1981. She went on to earn her A.S. degree in Dental Hygiene in 1994 at New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord, NH. Originally from the Tilton/Laconia, NH area she moved to the Upper Valley 8 years ago. Jeanne-Marie is also a certified Tai Chi instructor and can be found teaching Tai Chi in many areas in the Upper Valley. She and her partner, Bill, live in Vermont with their 3 dogs and have been building a house for the past 3 years. When not teaching Tai Chi or working on the house Jeanne-Marie can be found sewing, knitting, crocheting, doll making or wood working.

Carolyn SumnerCaroline Sumner, Dental Assistant

Caroline is a certified Dental Assistant with 34 years of assisting experience. In addition to general dentistry, she is a trained Orthodontic Assistant as well. Caroline has also worked for a private practice dermatologist/surgeon as a surgical assistant/lab technician. Caroline is a resident of Grafton, New Hampshire and grew up in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Call 603-523-4343 to schedule an appointment!

reception deskNew Patients Welcome!

You can receive a New Patient Packet by stopping by the health center, emailing or by clicking here to print one. We look forward to meeting you and meeting your healthcare needs!

Sliding Fee Discount Rate

Mascoma Community Health Center is dedicated to serving all members of the community. The Health Center will accept most traditional insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare. For people without insurance or insurance with a large deductible and who have limited resources, Mascoma Community Health Center has a fee for service that is discounted based on family size and income – known as a Sliding Fee Discount Rate. Click here to learn more about the discounts.

woman filling in paperDo you need HELP with...

...New Patient Paperwork?

...Sliding Fee Scale Application?

...Medicaid or Medicare Applications?

Stop by any Wednesday, 9:00 am - 12 noon,
and see our patients Navigators, Jean or Joann

Vision Statement

entry archMascoma Community Health Center promotes health in our communities through our health center, that draws local resources together to provide personal, affordable, accessible, quality care.

Mission Statement

Mascoma Community Healthcare, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to:

  • Operating a health center that will be designed, managed, and supported by the communities it represents

  • Serve the health needs of the Mascoma Valley which includes Canaan, Dorchester, Enfield, Grafton, Orange and beyond

  • Provide affordable healthcare regardless of insurance status and based on ability to pay

Mascoma Community Healthcare will provide comprehensive services including primary care, dental, behavioral health, laboratory and pharmacy. Future services envisioned include physical medicine and rehabilitation and x-ray.

The Mascoma Community Health Center will:

  • Provide the highest quality of care to improve individual and community health

  • Make access to high quality healthcare practical and affordable

  • Include individuals and their families in shared decision making regarding their health

  • Engage individuals, their families and the community to work toward comprehensive health

  • Assure time for individuals, families, and care team to fully communicate regarding health issues and care plans

  • Coordinate integrated healthcare with individuals and all care teams

  • Assure accessible hours for working individuals and families

  • Support the well-being and needs of our staff and their families

Board of Directors

group meetingThe new Mascoma clinic is owned and operated by a non-profit corporation located in Canaan. The management of the corporation is by a Board of Directors. The Board sets budgets and fees, hires and fires, sets management policy and evaluates the effectiveness of the service.

The Board is organized to include 25 members of which 13 must be patients of the health center.No one receiving compensation may be a voting member of the Board. In the future, nominees for new Directors will be selected by a committee of community members and existing Directors. Suggestions for Directors come from the patients in the communities. Terms for Board members will be two years and staggered.

There are committees reporting to the Board of Directors on various topics, and the committees are composed of Directors and community members who are not Directors.

All Board members, as well as employees, must follow very strict rules prohibiting conflicts of interest.

Board Members

Board Chairman: Dale Barney (603)523-4407

  • Dale Barney, Canaan
  • Scott Berry, Canaan
  • Kris Briand, Enfield
  • Barbara Dolyak, Canaan
  • Tim Jennings, Enfield
  • Ashley King, Enfield
  • Sean Murphy, Canaan
  • Michael Paine, Canaan
  • Mary Paquette, Canaan
  • Curtis Payne, Enfield
  • Denis Salvail, Canaan
  • Mike Samson, Canaan
  • Alice Schori, Canaan
  • Louis Shelzi, Canaan
  • Katie Silvius, Enfield
  • Peter Thurber, Canaan
  • Andrew Ware, Grafton
  • Karen Wolk, Canaan
  • Jill Zambon, Grafton

We have a very talented team!
Read their BIOGRAPHIES here!

How an Idea Became a Reality . . .

Ideas investigated in first community meeting in 2013

brainstorming results from community meeting

A plan was developedFuture patients were asked to pledge to use the center to prove need

Over 200 people came to the groundbreaking

Building Construction

provider photos

New patients registering to use the centernew patients registering

list of services

photos of medical staff

photos of dental staff

collage of anniversary party

graph showing growth of patients


Click Here to see More!

Volunteers Needed

volunteer stocking shelvesIf you would like to contribute your time and talents towards making our community health center an even better service to your families and neighbors, please consider volunteering. We currently have the following volunteer needs:

Administrative Volunteers: during working hours, M-F, and engaged in one or more of the following activities:

  • Stocking exam rooms with supplies

  • Checking supplies for expiration dates

  • Assisting with inventory management

  • Filing/copying/collating

  • General “sprucing” up (waiting room, common areas, outdoor entrances, etc.)

  • Assisting patients to sign up for Medicaid

  • Restocking of patient education materials

Clinical Volunteers: are you retired or semi-retired from the health care industry? We may be able to use your skills under certain circumstances.

Development Volunteers: our Development Committee can use help with:

  • Special events -- assist with planning, promoting, and managing logistics for special presentations, health fairs, luncheons, etc.

  • Patient outreach – assist with manning our community events booth, meeting community groups, and reaching out to individuals.

  • Communications and marketing – are you good at designing brochures and posters? Have experience with social media?

If you would like to help with any of the above,
please click here for the Volunteer Registration Form.

If you would like more information, please contact Tim Jennings at 603-443-0279 or