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Help launch the clinic by submitting a Pledge today!

Your help is needed - pledge and ask your neighbor to pledge, too!
Our new goal is 2400 pledges by July 2015!


Thank You Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation for your generous gift of $50,000 to support the implementation of the Mascoma Community Health Center and your pledge of an aditional $50,000 within the next 3 months!

The MCHC board meets the 2nd Monday of every month at 7pm at the Canaan Hall.
The next meeting is Monday, October 13. Please join them.

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We can choose to have a quality community clinic that serves the five Mascoma Towns. Controlled by us. Low cost. Comprehensive. For our community - and by our community.


A health center between Canaan and Enfield serving 5 towns and anyone else
Owned and operated by local patients from the community
Open 6 days a week and with evening hours
Health, urgent care, dental, pharmacy, lab and mental health
Affordable - Takes any insurance and self payments
Comprehensive, in-depth care with professionals who listen


Local control
Local access
High quality
Lower cost

What's happening?

Pledging will continue. We need to increase pledges from low to moderate income families. Generally a low to moderate income family of 2 would have income of no more than $38,000 a year and a low income family of 4 would have income of no more than $48,000 a year. A low to moderate single person would have income of less than $33,000. If you know people that might fall within those income levels, encourage them to pledge to try us.

On the organizational end, Mascoma Community Healthcare has adopted Articles of Association and Bylaws. The papers have been filed by local incorporators to register the corporation and trade name. By the end of April, the corporation had held two meetings and elected a Board of Directors, a Chairman of the Board and a Secretary. Dale Barney is Chairman of the Board and Alice Schori is Board Secretary. In addition, the board had selected the lot at the corner of Roberts Road and US Route 4 as the site of the new clinic.

The Board is listed below:

The Board is still looking for interested people to serve from Enfield.

There are seven committees working to implement the clinic. They include:

These committees have Board Members on them, but they are open to members of the community to join. Much of the work of these committees needs to be completed this summer. We need the help of anyone who is interested.